At Bowman Books we are passionate about the support, education and well-being of children.

Our commitment is real and part of our every day life.

Our primary charity is the Children’s Cancer Institute. Their vision it is to save the lives of all children with cancer and improve their long-term health, through research. We pledge to do our part to support them in their quest to curing childhood cancer.

5% of every order placed at Bowman Books is donated to helping kids. You can choose to have your order donation given to the Children’s Cancer Institute or you can choose to donate back to your school P&F.

Why not challenge parents at your school to join you in placing their school book orders with Bowman Books and raise funds for your school.

Join our community today, it’s easy, just place your order for those essential high school resources for your children and you immediately start giving!

If you are a member of your school P&F or P&C group contact us to know more about how we can support you.